MAA Leadership Development Program

The MAA Leadership Development Program is a testament to Mineral Alam Abadi's Group commitment to nurturing outstanding leaders. Our program is dedicated to cultivating leadership excellence, fostering sustainable practices, and empowering local communities. We believe that strong leadership can make a positive impact on both our organization and the regions in which we operate.

Through this program, we invest in the development of future leaders who will champion our commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement. Participants in the program gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experiences to lead with integrity and drive positive change in our operations and the areas we serve.

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MGDP - MAA Graduate Development Program

The MAA Graduate Development Program (MGDP) is a training designed to accelerate the career development process and prepare trainees to become future leaders.

MSDP - MAA Site Development Program

The MAA Site Development Program (MSDP) is training designed to accelerate the career development process and prepare trainees for placement on the site project.

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FTO - Fresh Training Operator

The Fresh Training Operator (FTO) program is designed for new employees who have graduated with vocational titles.

FTM - Fresh Training Mechanic

The Fresh Training Mechanic (FTM) is a program for new employees who graduated with the title of Vocational High School.

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FDP - Foreman Development Program

Foreman Development Program typically refers to a structured and specialized training and development program for individuals aspiring to become leader in various organizations. These programs are designed to prepare candidates for leadership roles, equip them with the necessary skills, and ensure they meet the standards and requirements for their respective positions.

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