We are seeking experienced and dedicated professionals to join the Mineral Alam Abadi Group. Here, you will be a vital part of a team with the goal of optimizing our operations with your specific expertise.

We invite individuals with proficiency in mining business. We appreciate the enthusiasm, expertise, and fresh insights that professionals add to our business. We always welcome exceptional people who can deliver results, innovate with us, and strengthen our team across various divisions.

Internship Program

It's time to embark on your journey in the mining industry with our internship program. We invite individuals who are enthusiastic about learning and contributing in a good environment to grow professionally.

What are we looking for?:

-Active students or Fresh Graduate
-Passionate and Willing to learn and grow
-Excellent Communication Skills and Ability to work independently or in a team
-Available and Committed to work from office

Fresh Trainee Program

Are you a fresh graduate seeking a brighter future career? Let’s be a part of MAA Trainee Program!

Advance your career with our Trainee Program. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of mining industry, offer technical training, and introduce best practices within this industry scope.

With the guidance of experienced mentors, you will acquire valuable insights into the daily operations and stringent safety requirements that constitute the essence of the mining industry, untill becoming an expert in the field pursued for a career at MAA.

Operator & Driver Heavy Equipment

For those of you who enjoy driving cars and heavy equipment! Let’s be a part of our Operator & Driver Mining Team!

Opportunity for dedicated individuals who has experienced in Operator and Driving for at least 2 years. Here, you will have responsibilities in operating equipment with high expertise, Emphasizing safety as a top priority, and maintaining operational.

This position necessitates a thorough comprehension of operational procedures within a mining setting, along with the capability to collaborate effectively within a team to accomplish shared objectives.

How To Apply?

Learn more about our process


Step 1: Apply for the Position

Visit and navigate to the "Careers" section. Review available positions and choose the one that suits you best.


Step 2: Choose a Position

Select a position that matches your qualifications and skills. Review qualifications and responsibilities.


Step 3: Input Data and Upload CV

Click "Apply Now," fill in your details accurately, and upload your CV. Double-check before submitting.

Application Process

1. Apply Job

Interesting in joining our company?

Explore the available job opportunities on our MAA website. Visit the careers section, find a suitable position, and submit your CV or resume

2. HR Interview

Let's get to know you!

Our team wants to learn more about you. During this interview, we aim to understand your professional experience, interests, and motivation to join us

3. User Interview

Meet your future teammates!

This stage can be conducted in person or virtually. We want to assess your understanding of the applied position and determine its alignment with your skills. You'll also have the chance to learn more about us

4. Job Offer

One step closer!

We're interested in welcoming you on board. You'll receive details regarding the offer for the position you applied for.

5. Medical Check Up

Ensuring your wellness, Maximizing your potential

Your health is our priority. The company will arrange a medical examination to ensure you're in your best condition, enabling you to work comfortably and maximize your potential.

6. Induction & Signing Contract

Welcome onboard!

Our team will provide guidance, allowing you to start your orientation comfortably.

What We Offer?